Plenary Sessions

Plenary Session 1

Historical concepts of feeble mindedness

Zvezdan Pirtosek, Slovenia

What does the cognition–related metabolic pattern teach us about PD?

David Eidelberg, USA

Alpha-synuclein immunization

Wassilios Meissner, France

Plenary Session 2

Chairs:       Ranko Raicevic, Serbia

                Emmanuel Broussolle, France

Chocolate - Sweet course of PD

Heinz Reichmann, Germany

Caffeine and PD: From epidemiology to treatment?

Ron Postuma, USA

Smoking, Nicotine and PD

Angelo Antonini, Italy

Sex in PD

Sharon Hassin, Israel

Plenary Session 3

Chair:        Chandra Padmakumar , Australia

                Bengt Winblad, Sweden

Legal Repercussions of PD

Daniel Weintraub, USA

Biomarkers of Catecholaminergic Neurodegeneration Predict PD

David S. Goldstein, USA

Is PD a prion disease?

Amos Korczyn, Israel

New concepts of non-motor subtyping in PD

Ray Chaudhuri, UK

Plenary Session 4 

Chair:        Vladimir Kostic, Serbia

                Ray Chaudhuri, UK

Cognition in prodromal PD

Daniel Weintraub, USA

The brain stem nuclei in neurodegenerative diseases: New findings

Lea Grinberg, USA

Excititoxins and nonmotor PD

Laszlo Vecsei, USA


Plenary Session 5

Chairs:       Irena Rektorova, Czech Republic

                Leontino Battistin, Italy

Assessment of quality of life

Carmen Rodriguez-Blazquez, Spain 

Contribution of Non-Motor features to quality of life

Alla Guekht, Russia

Exercise in PD

Joaquim Ferreira, Portugal

Does PD progress Linearly

Vladimir Kostic, Serbia


Plenary Session #6: Congress Highlights

Chairs:       Ray Chaudhuri, UK

                Heinz Reichmann, Germany

Vascular Parkinsonism

Ivan Rektor, Czech Republic


Dag Aarsland, Norway


Michael Samuel, UK

Psychosis, Depression, and ICDs

Daniel Weintraub, USA


Lisa Klingelhoefer, Germany


Paolo Barone, Italy


Marios Politis, UK

MCI and Dementia

Elka Stefanova, Serbia


Leah Grinberg, USA

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